Stainless Steel Shafts with Carbide

  • Machined to absolute precision from high grade Stainless Steel
  • Machined flat section results in high stability
  • Precision machined pockets seat the inserts to sub-micron precision using 8 bespoke CNC tools
  • Bevel angle designed for optimum performance, material removal and surface finish
  • Rounded section allows for the shaft to be rotated while machining presenting the insert cutting edge in the 45 degree shear plane or 85 degree slicing plane for high quality surface finish
  • BlackLine Shaft Technology suits the majority of woodturning applications from roughing to fine finishing and from simple to complex intricate shapes
  • The tools are more than an adjunct to existing tools and rather a totally new way of turning wood [high in silica], acrylics, resin, composite materials, antler, pewter, and many more materials
  • 11 applications possible from 4 inserts
    • Round
    • Square – 2 positions namely turning and detailing
    • V – 2 positions and 6 applications
    • W - 2 positions namely turning and detailing

Stainless Steel Shafts with RaZoR

  • Precision machined on our multi axis CNC machines to exacting tolerance and quality
  • Precision pockets machined include same bevel angle as the RaZoR inserts designed to lock inserts within microns of tolerance
  • Pockets designed to allow for the square, W and V insets to be indexed into a second position allows user to select 1 off 6 options
  • Shaft includes flat and round profile allowing the user to change attack angle of the cutting edge from parallel to spindle axis of rotation to rotating the shaft in 4-axis to 45° to the axis of rotation (wood fiber) in the shear cutting mode to 85° to axis of rotation (wood fiber) presenting the cutting edge in the slicing mode
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel, precision machined to exacting tolerance and quality
  • Slightly textured sub-micron surface finish operates in synchronous with our proprietary collet allowing for the shaft to be locked front, centre and back with built in safety, should the insert cutting edge experience a catch or grab, releasing the shaft to rotate a few radians releasing the pressure protecting the user
  • Shafts designed to operate flawlessly while under extreme load without fracturing. Advanced FEA technology applied in the design of the shafts to ensure shaft stability under load

Shafts + Inserts [Carbide Standard Inserts]


USD $40

  • R / S / V / W


USD $48

  • R / S / V / W


USD $53

  • R / S / V / W


USD $64

  • R / S / V / W

Please Note: Prices do not include Shipping, Duties or Local Taxes




" V "


Square - Position 1


Square - Position 2


" W " - Position 1


" W " - Position 2


Left to Right: MINI Shafts - 
Round, Square, " V ", " W "


Left to Right: MINI Shafts - 
Round, Square, " W ", " V "


Top to Bottom: 

MIDI Shafts - 
Round, Square, " V ", " W "


Left to Right: 

MIDI Shafts - 
Round, Square, " V ", " W "


Top to Bottom : 

MIDI Shafts (Side View) - 

Round, Square, " V ", " W "

3.2mm Carbide Inserts

MIDI Short Shafts


NEW! MIDI Short Shafts can be used in the BlackLine MINI Handle for times when you require a larger insert/cutter but prefer the control on a small handle.
MIDI Short Shafts locked in both MINI MOLY & ALLY handles.