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Hollowing Tools


MINI SWAN neck Hollowing Tool & MINI Extra Long Hollowing Tool


MINI Swallow neck Hollowing Tool


MINI Round Standard Shaft & MINI Extra Long Hollowing Tool & MINI Swallow neck 

Hollowing Tool


USD $67

    extrA long

    USD $67

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      Yorkshire Grit


      Yorkshire Grit Black 1000 Grit


      Yorkshire Grit Microfine 2000 Grit

      Yorkshire grit is an abrasive paste formulated to give a fine keyed surface to your turnings, prior to applying your finish of choice. It consists of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including mineral oil, beeswax and ultra-fine grinding powders. These are then carefully blended (without the use of solvents or other strong smelling and potentially harmful chemicals) to produce a creamy abrasive paste. Yorkshire Grit acts like ‘liquid sandpaper’, reducing the scratches left by the initial dry sanding* and eliminating the increasingly fine dust produced by traditional sanding at higher grits.  

      Stones Diamond Finishing Paste


      Home brewed Stones Diamond Paste makes fine sanding and polishing quick and easy! Stones Diamond Paste consists of pharmaceutical grade natural oils, beeswax and ultra fine grinding powders. Stones eliminates almost all dry sanding and the fine dust it creates . On most woods and resins, sanding to 400 grit is sufficient as a minimum to start with our pastes.
      All you need is a piece of paper towel or old t shirt and apply the paste in the same manner as other plastic finishes with the exception of not getting the paste too hot.

      Leather Apron

      Leather Apron

      Quality Leather Turning Apron

      leAther apron

      USD $130

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